Beef Donburi For Two (Japanese Beef Rice Bowl)

beef donburi

I was looking for some inspirations of what to make for dinner when I came across a recipe for Beef Donburi. Since I haven’t had it for a while, I thought it would be a good idea to make it. I have the similar ingredients but the beef at home. So, I modified this recipe according to what I had that day in my pantry.

I have never thought that finding a thinly sliced beef for “sukiyaki” would be so hard in Texas. I remember when I was in Hawaii they sell that kind of beef everywhere in supermarkets. Anyway, what I was able to find in our nearby supermarket was what they called “Stir fry beef”.  They are not as paper-thin as I want them to be, but they were okay. I thought, I could cut them even thinner, but I was not going to do that. Besides, I don’t have the right kind of knife to do it.  If you can’t find the thinly sliced beef,  find the thinnest possible then use hand meat tenderizer to make them even thinner. It worked out well for me and it made my meat even moist and tender!.

This recipe calls for sweet white wine. You want your beef donburi to taste kind of sweet, so sweet white wine and mirin would help do that. I heard some people use Moscato, I used Texas Sweet Chardonnay that is what we had.  The wine really enhanced the flavor of the beef.


1/4 lb thinly sliced beef
1/2 medium size onion
1 cup of baby bella mushrooms, sliced
2 cups of spinach (optional- I like mine with a little veggy in it)
Seasoning sauce (recipe below)

Seasoning Sauce:

1 cup of sweet white wine
5 tablespoons of soy sauce
2 tablespoon of sugar
3 tablespoon of Japanese mirin
1 teaspoon of Japanese sake


1. Combine all of the sauce ingredients in a bowl, set aside.

2. In a flat saute pan, heat up 1 tablespoon of oil on high heat. Add onions to saute until translucent, about 5 minutes.

3. Add the sauce ingredients and bring to a boil on high heat. Then reduce to medium heat. Just before you simmer the sauce, add the mushroom, spinach, if using and simmer for another 15 minutes. At this point, the onions should be soft and carry a sweet taste. Pick them up and place them in a separate bowl, set aside.

4. When you are ready, add the beef just minutes before you serve because the thinly sliced beef cooks quickly. Do not overcook the beef, or it will turn tough.

5. Put a bowl of warm rice, add the beef on top, and the rest of the ingredients that you set aside on top of the beef.

It is fast and easy! Enjoy!


Grandma’s Meat Jun

My friend asked me one night if I wanted to eat Meat Jun because she  made some. I hadn’t eatten meat jun for 4 years now since I left Hawaii. I was very happy, but then I wanted more. So, the next day, I was scrambling for recipe.

I came across this recipe online at HawaiiNews “Grandma’s Meat Jun”, which originally came from Sam Choy. It came out pretty good, but I had to add sugar to the dipping sauce. I like it a little sweet. So, please adjust anything to your liking. I think it’s a really good meat jun recipe in time when I miss local food from Hawaii.

For those who don’t know what Meat Jun is… it’s a Korean dish, but in Hawaii, we have our own version of Meat Jun. It’s basically sliced thin beef battered in egg and then, fried. It’s a staple food for me!

2-3 lbs. chuck roast- thinly sliced
1 cup shoyu
1/4 cup sesame seed oil
4-5 stalks green onion, finely chopped
4-5 cloves garlic, minced
4 eggs, beaten
Oil for frying

Cut meat into thin slices.  Place in a bowl- add shoyu, oil, onions, and garlic, mix well.  Pour flour into a flat pan.  Dip marinated meat pieces in flour.  Transfer meat into beaten eggs.  Drip off excess.  Fry until golden brown.  Drain on paper towels.

Dipping Sauce:
1 cup shoyu
1/4 cup vinegar
2 stalks green onion, finely chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp sugar
Sesame seeds, roasted & crushed

Let me know if you found better recipes. I am happy with this one for now. Enjoy!

Flavorbliss Quickie Carne Guisada

This version of Carne Guisada came about because I have leftover uncooked stew meat and didn’t know what to do with it. Since hubby was craving for some Mexican food, and I didn’t feel like going out to eat, I created this quickie recipe.

It only took me about 1/2 an hour to cook it, and it’s surprisingly flavorful and easy!! Very quick and easy version than the real Tex-Mex/ Mexican/ real version of Carne Guisada. But, it works for me! I didn’t want to wait for 10- 18 hours before I could enjoy the meal although some people recommend to use crockpot.

Since the thought of making this dish only came out a few hours before hand, I really didn’t know that making it, requires 10- 18 hours stewing on a pot! So, I created this method. Give it a try, and be sure to let me know if it works for you and you like it! Any comment is welcomed.

Serves 2

1/2 lb cubed meat/ stew meat
unseasoned powder meat tenderizer
2 packets of taco seasoning
1 tsp cumin
2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp oregano
salt to taste, if you need more
1/4 can of 6 oz. canned tomato paste
2 tsp cornstarch- dilute with a little water
2 tbps oil to fry
1 cup of water

Sprinkle the meat with the unseasoned powder tenderizer. Set aside for at least 1 hour. Marinade meat with taco seasoning for at least 2 hour.

When the meat is marinated, put 2 tsps oil in a frying pan. Quickly stir fry the cubed meat until they are evenly brown. Stir in just enough water to cover meat. Next, put in tomato paste, and mix well until it comes to a boil.

Cover, and simmer for about 1/2 hour. Add all the remaining seasoning- oregano, garlic powder, cumin, additional salt, if needed, and diluted cornstarch. Mix well. Set aside for about 5 minutes or until the gravy becomes thicker.

Remove from heat, and enjoy!! You can also add potatoes if you like, and side of beans. Yumm!!