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I LOVE to entertain! I love being in the kitchen.. and I love to cook. It is a form of a stress relief for me. I am not so much into baking… but I would try to bake if it is something I am or my family is really craving for, or if it is interesting and easy recipes to make. I was told that baking is like an exact science. It is tedious and everything has to be measured correctly. But, cooking is like experimentation. Mixing things here and there, adding little spice and herb here, and there… then viola! a delicious dish!

Often time, I go to restaurants or food places because I crave for something, but when I actually eat the food.. is almost rarely up to my satisfaction. OR, when I find delicious and looks-like easy  dish to make in a restaurant, I would go home and try to make the food. I bet it sounds kind of familiar for some people who love to cook and experiment with herb and spices in the kitchen.

So, what kind of food am I most likely crave for? Well, my family comes from all over the world. Literally. We’re multi-cultural. And, my husband and I have also lived in several places, and have adopted a habit of trying with different kind of food and delicacies. We love food!

To me, cooking is an experiment! It is fun that way. So, I apologize in advance if something you find here is not in exact measurements. I try my best. But, eyeballing it is the best way to go, especially in Chinese cooking.  Just eyeball it!

At flavorbliss, you would find some food experiences, and recipes that are fairly easy and simple to make. Some recipes here may be given by my friends or I have taken them from somewhere, and most likely modified them to satisfy my picky palate. Hopefully, they would tickle your taste buds or satisfy your cravings, and have one of those flavor bliss moments!

To start, click on the flavor pantry of dish you are looking for, or simply search it! Have a bliss!

©All the pictures posted on this blog are taken by me or my husband, unless otherwise noted.

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