Easy Pleasy Chicken Cordon Bleu For Two

I was in the mood for something rather fancy, but something that won’t break my savings. I wasn’t in the mood of eating out either since we just went grocery shopping few days ago. So, I was thinking about easy and fancy at the same time…

This was inspired by my grandmother’s recipe. I remember she used to make special deboned stuffed chicken with liver pate, and we always loved it.

I saw in the fridge that we still have one of those liver and cheese cold cut, and turkey cold cut. I’m thinking fancy, but using what I already have at hands, and healthier, maybe? Using the turkey instead of ham? Why not?!

This what I came out with:

2 chicken breast
Garlic salt to season
Garlic powder to season, and to mix with the flour
Paprika to season, and to mix with the flour
2 slices Liver and cheese cold cut (Oscar Myers have it)
2 slices Manchego or swiss cheese (I bought slices from local grocer that has slices of Manchego)
2 slices ham or turkey (I used turkey)
1/4 cup flour
2 tbs and 2 tsp dry white wine
1/4 chicken bullion
2 tbs butter to fry the chicken (I used Smart Balance)
1 packet of hollandaise sauce (or you can make your own sauce using flour and milk)- I sticked with easy

Pound the chicken breasts with tenderizer as flat as you can. If the breasts are too thick, cut a slit or pocket in the middle. Season the breasts with garlic salt and paprika evenly. Place the filling- liver and cheese, turkey, and cheese slices in the pocket or lay them flat on the chicken breasts so you can roll them. Use toothpicks to hold the roll or to close the pocket.

Mix the flour with paprika and garlic powder. Coast the rolled chicken breasts with the flour mix.

In the medium high heat, melt the butter in a sauce pan. Brown chicken breasts on all sides. When they are brown, pour the wine and put in chicken bullion. Make sure that the chicken bullion dissolves. Reduce heat and cover. Let it simmer for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, make the packet of hollandaise sauce mix in separate sauce pan. When it is done, keep it in a low heat until the chicken is done.

Plate the chicken breasts. If you like, pour a little juice on top on each (I did it), then pour the hollandaise sauce on top. Then, serve them whole or in slices (fancier ;))! ENJOY!!!

Ps. My husband and I love them!!


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