Easy Egg Rolls/ Lumpia

Lumpia is like a staple food for me. I like to eat them as snack food. At home, my mother used to make lumpia steamed.. don’t ask how, but she didn’t fry or bake them. It was as if she just wrap them the lumpia wraps and serve them  to us. But, they were good. So, this past week, I was craving for some lumpia with lots of vegetables inside them. This time, I bake the lumpia… but, I found out that the trick to get a good crisp of baked lumpia is from the skin… the wrapper… make sure you find good lumpua wrappers if you want to bake them, if not, you would find the skin would be thick and tough to bite. As my husband said, it tastes raw! So, go look for good lumpia wrapper… which is supposed to be paper thin… and if you stretch it too much, it would break. That is the good one.

Anyway, this is what I made:

1 package of lumpia wrappers
2 cups of chopped cabbage
2 cups of carrots, slice thinly
1/2 lb ground beef
1 cup of bean sprout (optional)
2 cup of any kind of vegetables you would put in!
3 eggs
2 cloves garlic, minced
a cup of water to seal the wrapper
oil to fry/ or to brush on top of lumpias if you are baking them
2 tbsp oil to stir fry the vegetables
salt and pepper to taste

Pour 2 tbps oil on pan, put in garlic and stir fry until fragrant. Brown the ground beef, drain the oil. Put in cabbage, carrot, and any vegetables you want. Stir fry them for 10 mins. Put eggs in the bowl, scramble. With spatula, set aside the ground beef- veggy mixture, creating a space for the eggs. Pour eggs and scramble before mixing the eggs together with the vegetable mixture. Season with salt and pepper. Remove from heat. This is going to be the filing for the lumpias/ eggrolls.

Prepare the water and the eggroll/ lumpia wrappers. Place the lumpia wrapper in a big plate, put it into a diamond shape. Scoop one to two tablespoons of vegetable mixture (the lumpia filling) into the middle of the diamond shape. Start rolling from the edge of the diamond then when you reach the middle section, start wrapping the lumpia into an envelope. Seal the edge with water.

Prepare the oil to fry- and fry the lumpias until golden brown. If you are baking them, heat the oven to 375F for 30 minutes or until golden brown.

You can dip it soy sauce, plum sauce, or Thai chili sauce!



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  1. Oh, thanks for this recipe! I will impress my mother in law with some lumpia 🙂

    • you’re welcome! hope it turns out well 🙂

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