Local Hawaiian Plate Lunch Mac Salad

I miss plate lunches with mac salad! It is a staple side dish whenever I bought plate lunches back in Hawaii. All of the sudden, last weekend, I started to crave for it. So, I made some a whole huli-huli chicken and grind it with some mac salad. I had been trying to make this mac salad numerous times and had been trying to get it to taste like the one I always bought in Hawaii. Never got it until this time! I found out the secret ingredient, which was onion, from Hawaii magazine!! Mahalo to Hawaii magazine!! I’ve finally made it right and satisfied my cravings!!

The pasta:

Cook 1 pound elbow macaroni (for really local style, cook until soft and fat, but you can go al dente if you prefer). Drain.

The flavoring:

While the pasta is hot, stir in ¼ cup very finely grated onion. Not minced, chopped or sliced—grated. It should be liquidy (this is how they do it at Diner’s, a local eatery in Kalihi). This was the essential ingredient I missed!!

The mayo: At least 2½ cups Best Food Mayo or if you live in the east side of the rockies, it’s Hellman’s. Has to be this or the taste would be different. But there are no rules, so use less if you like. Or more. Also, about 2 tbps of Creamy White Wine Dijon mustard. It will give that creamy yummy taste.

The add-ins: Carrots, celery, hard-boiled eggs, pickle relish—whatever suits you.

The finale: Salt and pepper.

Stir well; refrigerate.

Viola!! Done. You can enjoy it with huli-huli chicken or chicken katsu, or whatever you like!


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  1. Soo ono!

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