Homemade Sushi

I was craving for sushi all of the sudden. So, I decided to make some for me and hubby. Hubby requested tuna salad sushi… I know for the Japanese out there, you’d probably wondering “what in the heck??” LOL.. I’m sure it’s an American or Hawaiian thing. We’ve become a fan of tuna salad sushi because of Genki Sushi in Hawaii. They have tuna salad sushi and soon enough it becomes hubby’s favorite!

It’s pretty easy to make if you have the tool (sushi roller). You can find it in an Asian store. I bought mine in Hawaii. It’s very inexpensive. So, all you need to do is really have the tool and know how to roll and cut them. These are what you need:

sushi roller- you can find this in Asian store

seaweed warps/ nori- you can also find this in Asian grocery

to make tuna salad for the sushi

smoked salmon and avocado for sushi

rice of course!

How to do it:

make the tuna salad

put a seaweed wrap on the roller then put rice on top


put the tuna salad or salmon and avocado on top!


roll them! Make sure you roll them tight. Roll it roll by roll until all the rice is rolled up!

(i hope that makes sense)

This is the end result:

Seriously, it’s that easy! and I had fun making them. Give it a try!


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