Hubby’s Famous Burger (in the family)

This one is actually isn’t mine. It’s my husband’s. But, since I like it so much and he has been getting rave reviews from family, I decided (with his permission, of course! ;)) to share with others.

I like the way my husband’s packed his moist and juicy burger with veggies. He has always find a way to improve it. Sometimes, he mixes the ground beef with sausage or other sauces than BBQ. Result, it has always been so juicy and yummy! (Oh! he makes good sandwiches, too! and I don’t even like sandwiches!)

Since I don’t really know what goes in it but enjoying it, I will share pictures as my food experience and who knows, you can try making it by looking at the pictures. Besides, making hamburger patties is not that hard! 😉

Here are what goes into Hubby’s famous burger other than the ground beef:

The spices and seasonings

The ingredients for the burger minus the meat

maxing the ingredients with meat

making the patties

they go under the buns, on top of patties

for the buns and added yumminess

Don’t forget to toast the buns. They’re good toasty. Ready to bite into them? Yuumm!!


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  1. OMG, it was the best burger I’ve ever had!!! I’m drooling.

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